The Space Edu Park

Gamified e-learning platform

for science education in schools and colleges

Co-funded by European Space Agency as a response to Covid-19
The platform is designed as a fun and interactive amusement park that offers educational value to students through play

The platform aims to innovate the educational model by integrating effective and engaging distance learning solutions for science teaching.

Flipped Classroom Approach

The approach  impacts the emotional and cognitive dimensions of the students, as well as boosting their social aggregation.
The platform offers avatars, levels, badges and rankings that evaluate students' hard and soft skills and engagement.

Enhancing Learning through Gamification
Students will be able to connect to a gamified environment to access the learning content. This content includes multimedia and interactive resources, as well as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) materials.
The approach enhances engagement by presenting content through an appealing design that draws inspiration from the world of gaming.
This not only captures students' attention but also fosters an emotional connection, making the learning experience more memorable and enjoyable.
Digital Natives

The platform's front end was developed by focusing on the user, a digital native, who is used to multimedia and interactive experiences. Moreover, the platform replicates the game schema, activating individual learning dynamics supported by interactions between students (social and collaborative learning).

Motivational tools

We developed a competitive context that uses ranking, levels and badges. The badge is a powerful motivational tool that represents a certification of the achievements, providing immediate feedback to the student and the school on the level of knowledge/skills acquired. It can also award the student's relational skills as a distinctive competence.